Carole Self Learning for Life Partnership [163] 08 September 2020
Wheelock LAB   Minutes   17/03/2020
Wheelock  Tuesday, March 17, 2020  5pmChair: David Booth   Clerk: Carole Self   
FINAL: The minutes are confirmed and locked.
Governors Attending: >Helen Sweeney, Angie Robinson D.L, Hazel Harris, David Booth, Sam Davies, Kim French 
Governors Apologies: >Matt Pearson
Non Governors Attending: >Carole Self
Non Governors Apologies: >
Agenda Item 1  Welcome and Apologies for Absence
MINUTE  The Chair thanked everyone for joining this virtual meeting.  Members were advised that Michelle Noble had resigned due to work commitments and the inability to devote enough time to the school.  No apologies for absence were received from Matt Pearson and the Chair agreed to follow this up with him.
ACTION  The Chair agreed to follow up with Matt Pearson the reason for his absence
DECISION  Members noted the resignation of Michelle Noble.
Agenda Item 2  Declaration of Personal/Pecuniary Interests
Agenda Item 3  Minutes of the previous meeting
MINUTE  The minutes of the meeting held on the 4th February 2020 were received and approved as a true and accurate record.
DECISION  Members approved the minutes of the LAB meeting held on the 4th February 2020 as a true and accurate record.
Agenda Item 4  Matters Arising
  • Members to update declarations of interest onto Trust Governor ahead of the next meeting - ALL The Chair confirmed that CS had offered to undertake training on Trust Governor at the next meeting and at the same time Members could update their declarations of interest.
  • Learning walk - MN to undertake a review of writing ahead of Easter and agree date with Headteacher - The Headteacher advised that this had been undertaken and she agreed to upload this to Trust Governor for Members comments.
  • Governors to complete the PREVENT training - ALL The Chair advised that his training was outstanding.  AR and HH confirmed that this had been undertaken.
  • Discuss details of the Trust's vision and aims at the next Chairs Forum to ensure that Members could support this - The Chair confirmed that the forum was not due to take place until 22nd April 2020.
  • Include a line in the Attendance and Punctuality Policy to make it clear that the Policy includes examples of absence but it is not limited to these etc. Headteacher. Action Completed
  • Chair to raise the possibility of using a Member from another LAB to undertake a safeguarding review at the next Chairs Forum. This action is outstanding as schools were on lockdown to visitors due to coronavirus.  The Chair agreed to highlight this in his report.
Agenda Item 5  Headteacher's Report
MINUTE The Headteacher outlined the changes to the format of the report across the Trust.

Members agreed to discuss data at a future meeting given the current crisis affecting the school in relation to coronavirus.

Members were advised that the challenge board had been cancelled due to the Ofsted inspection at Leighton.

Members were advised that attendance had reduced.  Q.  How many children are off at present?  The Headteacher confirmed that this was 39 today which was lower than other schools citing 130 children reported absent from Leighton, although a larger school.  Members were advised that absence was for a number of reasons, some were self-isolating because of suspected coronavirus; some children had underlying medical conditions and the families were practising social distancing and some had general colds. Members were advised that 4 members of staff had been sent home due to either having underlying health conditions or being over 70.  The Headteacher advised that she had to restrict working for a further 2 staff members because of their work in other schools.  Q.  How are you managing in light of the reduced staffing levels, are you having to group classes?  The Headteacher advised that the situation was manageable at present and no grouping to date had been necessary.

Numbers in the HIVE were reported as manageable however if this deteriorated then the HIVE provision would have to reduced.

The Chair agreed that the Headteacher's approach was the right one and Members were fully supportive of this.

Q. Is the closure of the school likely?  The Headteacher confirmed that she had enough staff to undertake lessons at present however she was aware at how quickly this could become an issue.  Members were advised that any closure would be the decision of the Trust or on the advice of Public Health England.
Agenda Item 6  Quality of Teaching and Learning Report
MINUTE  This item was discussed under matters arising.
Agenda Item 7  Safeguarding Update
MINUTE  In the absence of a formal report, the Headteacher reported no significant concerns.
Agenda Item 8  Premises update
MINUTE  Nothing to report
Agenda Item 9  Health and Safety Report
MINUTE Members acknowledged that health and safety was focussed on managing the current situation with coronavirus.  HH advised that she was due to visit this afternoon but in the circumstances could not.  Q. If you are not allowing any external visitors on site, how are you managing the catering arrangements? The Headteacher advised that the restriction was aimed at individuals working in other places, staff in catering did not work across other sites so were accepted, similarly the PE coach was undertaking all the school's sessions and not visiting any other schools.
Agenda Item 10  Member roles and recruitment plan
MINUTE  Members accepted with the recent resignations they needed two new community Members with skills in teaching and learning and safeguarding if at all possible.
Agenda Item 11  Member Training and Visit Reports
MINUTE  AR reported on her Pupil Premium visit confirming that there were no concerns and in fact improvements were noted in outcomes, behaviour and impact evidenced.

Safeguarding training was confirmed as being undertaken by DB, HH, AR and a mid-day assistant.  The Headteacher agreed to chase up the certificates with Domanique.
ACTION  Chase up the certificates for safeguarding training with Domanique. The Headteacher
Agenda Item 12  Policy Review/Approval
MINUTE Equality information and objectives - although this was approved last year and the document marked for review in 2021, Members were advised that this needed to be approved on an annual basis.  Members approved the equality information and objectives.

Inclusion Policy - Members approved the policy subject to amendments to the front sheet.
DECISION  Members approved the equality information and objectives and the Inclusion Policy
Agenda Item 13  Communications to/from the MAT
MINUTE Members agreed to include in the Chairs Report the following:
  • Further discussion on the scheme of delegation
  • A plan for future Member visits was in place and Members noted those that had taken place
  • PREVENT training undertaken
  • Approval of policies at LAB level
  • The LAB open day - attendance disappointing
  • Two Member resignations
  • One new Member
  • Absence of a safeguarding member or experience
  • Members agreed that ZOOM was an effective virtual meeting tool as it had worked well

Agenda Item 14  AOB
Agenda Item 15  Date of the Next Meeting
MINUTE  The date of the next meeting was confirmed as 19th May 2020.
   Governor Agreed Actions set during this meeting:  1
Chase up the certificates for safeguarding training
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Helen  Sweeney
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