Carole Self Learning for Life Partnership [163] 08 September 2020
Wheelock LAB   Minutes   04/02/2020
Wheelock  Tuesday, February 4, 2020  3.45pmChair: David Booth   Clerk: Carole Self   
FINAL: The minutes are confirmed and locked.
Governors Attending: >Kim French, Helen Sweeney, Michelle Noble, David Booth, Matt Pearson, Sam Davies, Hazel Harris, Angie Robinson 
Governors Apologies: >Jayne Bunn
Non Governors Attending: >Carole Self
Non Governors Apologies: >
Agenda Item 1  Welcome and Apologies for Absence
MINUTE The Chair advised Members of JB's intention to resign after 15 years as her focus was now elsewhere in another school.  The Headteacher confirmed that she had responsed to JB and thought that it would be good to mark the end of her tenure in some way.  Members agreed.  

Members agreed that there was now one community Member vacancy.
Agenda Item 2  Declaration of Personal/Pecuniary Interests
Agenda Item 3  Minutes of the previous meeting
MINUTE  The Minutes of the meeting dated 26th November 2019 were reviewed and confirmed as a true and accurate record.
DECISION  Members approved the minutes of the meeting dated 26th November 2019 as a true and accurate record
Agenda Item 4  Matters Arising
  • Clerk to check if declarations of interest had been uploaded onto Trust Governor.  CS confirmed which Members had completed their declarations on line.  Members agreed to update their profile to include an udpate on declarations of interest ahead of the next meeting.
  • Clerk to contact the Trust Board clerk and recommend to Trustees the approval of the appointment of Matt Pearson as a Community LAB Member. This was confrimed as approved.  Action Completed
  • Learning walk - MN agreed to undertake a review of writing ahead of Easter and agree a date with the Headteacher.
  • Clerk to include an agenda item on finance for the next meeting.  Action completed
  • Members to complete the PREVENT training. Members discussed issues with access and completion on various devices and agreed to progress with this.  CS agree to send an alternative link to this.    
  • Ofsted training discussion to be included as an agenda item for the next meeting. This is included at Item 13
  • MN to arrange a visit to focus on writing. This action is the same as the Learning Walk item above and is therefore removed.
  • HS to email Principals to advise of the date of the open day at Wheelock Action completed Members queried the purpose of the visit given the low attendance from Directors and Members of LABs.  DB confirmed that it was to share best practice and provide learning objectives.  Members agreed that the low attendance should be raised with the Executive Board via the Chairs Report and Forum.  Q. Shouldn't we have Trust representation at LAB meetings? DB confirmed that this could be raised at the Chairs forum.  Members sought to understand how well the Board knew the school given the decision making role they had.   
  • LAB meeting to take place at 3.45pm on Tuesday 4th February 2020.  Action Completed
Agenda Item 5  Finance Update
MINUTE The Headteacher presented an overview of the financial position at Period 4 confirming that there were no significant over or underspends to report upon as at December 2019.   

Members were advised that all REDs shown on the report would be resolved by the end of the year.  The Headteacher confirmed that some of the variances related to timing and reiterated again that the school was not forecasting any overspends.  

Agenda Item 6  Headteacher's Report
MINUTE The Headteacher presented her report advising that the Trust was going to create a proforma for future reports based on examples from Jo Young and Dan Thomas.    

Quality of Education – The Headteacher confirmed that the Trust had introduced the Fischer Family Trust (FFT) to set ambitous and aspirational targets for children based on each childs contextual data, ie where they live, whether they are entitled to pupil premium etc.  The Headteacher confirmed that entry data would be used in Reception to predict results at the end of KS2 in comparison with other children with the same demographic indicators.  Members were advised that a note of caution was to be applied as the data would not take into account any personal information that may impact on a child which the school would be privy to.  Q. Is it something we would have chosen for Wheelock school; are you positive about it?  The Headteacher responded by saying that she had opted out of commissioning this 3 years ago as it had no value.  She went on to say however that Jo Young at Leighton thought it was brilliant following training so it has been rolled out across the Trust.   Q. Does it pigeon hole children?   The Headteacher said it was statistically proven, and sometimes children outperform their peers.  She said there were some anomalies in the system although this did not matter.   Q. How will we evaluate the investment, are we going to measure it against the predictions?  The Headteacher said it was more than predictions, it could track a childs progress as well as target setting.  Q.Will we be able to look at the results as part of our review of the data?  The Headteacher confirmed that Members could.   Q. Will you use this instead of Arbor or alongside it?  The Headteacher confirmed that it would be used just for data.  Members were advised that it would be useful if it could be used for other elements such as attendance as this would impact on results.  Members were advised that FFT would enable the Trust to have one set of data and Teachers would be using this to set targets for the end of this year.  Members were reminded that these would be aspirational not predicted targets.   Q. How are processes going to be managed by already stretched Teaching Staff and what will Ofsted look at?  The Headteacher confirmed that no internal data will be reviewed by Ofsted unless this was nationally standardised.

Members were reminded that NFER tests (standardised tests) were used at the end of Year 2 and Year 6 although there were no measures for the other years.  The Headteacher confirmed that NFER had produced tests that were relatively comparable in the intervening years and Dan Thomas had assured Heads that Ofsted would look at NFER tests because they were nationally standardised.  The Headteacher also advised that as all schools across the Trust were undertaking the tests, it allows them to make comparisons in terms of progress. 
Q. As a parent I don’t want an aspirational view, I want a realistic view? The Headteacher responsed by saying that the targets are not being shared with parents and that the curriculum was an inspirational tool and the school would deliver results against that.  

Members discussed the limitations with the FFT system however they thought it was useful to ensure that schools did not become complacent.  Members also discussed different interpretations of aspiration that were not just data focussed which varied from school to school.   Members agreed that it was useful to trial new processes.

Members were updated on the Lightley Court Project (an older persons sheltered housing group) which linked SEN children to share life experiences such as coffee mornings and preparing for the Pop Up Cafe.  Members were pleased to hear the life experiences that the project would bring for all parties. 

Q. The spelling shed, is that something you as a Headteacher has brought in?  The Headteacher confirmed that it was as the children needed to improve their spelling.   She went on to say that the children were phonetically good spellers but they had struggled with improving their spelling skills, so the school had looked at ways to make learning much more exciting through board games and creating an element of competition.

Members received an update on the Online safety information evening for parents and the success of the fundraising project. 

Agenda Item 7  Quality of Teaching and Learning Report
MINUTE  Members agreed that an update had been provided by the Headteacher in her report and that this item related to the Learning Walk to be undertaken by MN.
Agenda Item 8  Review progress of SDP against targets
MINUTE  No update
Agenda Item 9  Receive the External Advisor's Report
MINUTE The Headteacher reminded Members that Jo Young's report had been circulated ahead of the meeting.

The Headteacher reported on the positive review in Literacy, Maths and Science in terms of how the subjects were taught and the impact of the curriculum.

The Headteacher provided details of the leads of each of the subjects and confirmed that it was a positive review especially given that this was a different curriculum.  
Agenda Item 10  Safeguarding Update
MINUTE Members agreed that this area needed to be covered given the intentions of JB.  Members were reminded that a safeguarding review needed to be undertaken once a term so a review was required before Easter. 

Given the expertise required, Members asked whether it was possible to use a Member from another school.  The Chair agreed to raise at the Chairs Forum as it would be useful to have a "fresh pair of eyes".  
ACTION  Chair to raise the possibility of using a Member from another LAB to undertake a safeguarding review at the Chairs Forum. DB
Agenda Item 11  Member Training and Visit Reports
MINUTE The following update was provided:

Pupil Premium and Looked After Children visit confirmed as booked - AR
SEN visit due to be undertaken in the summer term - AR
H & S was confirmed as part of the annual audit
due later in the year.   Members were advised that the Compliance Centre confirmed everything that was required and perform an annual audit to assess compliance against H & S standards.  Any improvements would then be RAG rated.  Members were advised that the last safety issue facing the school was in relation to the fencing which was no longer considered a safeguarding matter and there had been no incidents.   Q. Do we believe our children are vulnerable because of the height of the fence?  HH confirmed that the only section that this related to was near the mud kitchen which was very visible.  Members agreed that this was not a risk.  
Agenda Item 12  Discussion on the Ofsted Framework
MINUTE Members were reminded that JB had talked through the course she had undertaken last time and the notes circulated set out clearly what a LAB needs to do.  Members agreed that they needed to have more evidence of what they do and therefore would establish a meeting folder in the school to collate details of all visits undertaken by Members. 

Members were advised that there should be other schools in the Trust that would be inspected by Ofsted ahead of Wheelock which they could learn from.  

Agenda Item 13  Policy Review/Approval
MINUTE Members reviewed the following:

Attendance and Punctuality Policy – The Headteacher advised that she wanted to make an amendment to the application for exceptional circumstances for leave in term time.  She also confirmed that the policy was now explicit in that unauthorised absences of 5 days or more would be notified to Cheshire East and if there was reason to believe that a child was not ill i.e. they had been on holiday either through the presence of a suntan or confirmation by the child then the holiday would be unauthorised.  Members agreed to the changes and the examples but suggested that the Headteacher include "the policy includes examples of absence but it is not limited to these etc"

Members approved the policy subject to the agreed changes.


ACTION  Include a line in the Attendance and Punctuality Policy to make it clear that the policy includes examples of absence but it is not limited to these etc" HS
DECISION  Members approved the Attendance and Punctuality Policy
Agenda Item 14  Communications to/from the MAT
MINUTE Members reviewed the following:

The draft MAT Board Minutes of 5th December 2019 – The Headteacher picked out reference to Headteachers or Principals relying on the Trust and thought it would be useful to see what any concerns might be.  Members agreed that there needed to be a level of challenge and they discussed what this might look like at Trustee level.  

The LFLP approved Scheme of Delegation – Members sought and received confirmatin of how performance related pay for Teachers was determined which included a recommendation from the Headteacher.

Members were advised that this would be reviewed annually and therefore feedback would be useful during the summer term.  Members felt that there was a lack of consultation on this particularly in terms of the levels of delegation although they agreed that the document looked appropriate.  Members were advised that the introduction of FFT and NFER tests was an example of where it would have been good to have been consulted as the Principal was accountable for this area and the Trust was to be informed.  Members also thought that communication at all levels required some thought to ensure that all parties reaped the rewards. 

Chairs forum - The Chair provided feedback from the the forum at the end of December.  He confirmed that there was alot of focus on the scheme of delegation and they were notified of a new Trustee Carol Birkett.   Members discussed the key focus now of the MAT i.e. to pull together as a 5 school MAT and share best practice.  Members queried what the overall vision and aim was of the Trust and agreed that this may be appropriate to discuss at the next Chairs Forum as Members were keen to ensure they supported this.

Members agreed that the standards of Progress in reading, writing and maths at KS2 was what was behind the introduction of FFT and NFER testing.  Q.  Trustwide, are some schools impacting more than others on performance?  The Headteacher confirmed that was the case although the school's data nationally was lower than required and therefore a cause for concern. 

Members were reminded that Shavington's Open day was planned for 17th March 2020 and all to attend as required.
ACTION  Discuss the Trust's vision and aims at the next Chairs Forum to ensure that Members could support this. DB
Agenda Item 15  AOB

Members agreed that safeguarding training was to be undertaken online through Educare for all those who had not undertaken this along with the requirements of KCSIE 2019.  

Agenda Item 16  Date of the Next Meeting
MINUTE The date of the next meeting was confirmed as 17th March 2020.

The meeting closed at 17.49pm
   Governor Agreed Actions set during this meeting:  2
Chair to raise the possibility of using a Members from another LAB to undertake a safeguarding review at the next Chairs Forum
For: Next Chairs forum
David Booth
Discuss details of the Trust's vision and aims at the next Chairs Forum to ensure that Members could support this.
For: Next Chairs Forum
David Booth
Wheelock LAB Spring 1 2020 Part 1   dated:  04/02/2020
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